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1 become turned or set on end; "the airplanes upended"
2 set, turn, or stand on end; "upend the box and empty the contents"

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  1. : To end up; to set on end; to tip or turn over.
    When he upended the bottle of water over his sleeping sister, the lid popped off and surprised them both.

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Upend is a village in the east of the English county of Cambridgeshire.

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beat, cast up, clobber, drub, elevate, erect, honeycomb, lick, lift up, overset, overthrow, overturn, overwhelm, pitch, raise, raise aloft, raise up, rear, rear aloft, sap, sap the foundations, set up, shellac, stand upright, subvert, throw down, throw over, trim, trounce, undermine, upheave, uplift, upraise, uprear, upright, upset, wallop, weaken
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